About us

During a decade in power tool accessories trading business, a group of people kept an ambitious dream for establishing a factory where we could make the real tools which belong to ourselves, and combined trade, OEM, customs-make with manufacturing lines.

In 1999, we took Router Bits project and started an infant factory named “Valuemax Tools”. From the birth, “Valuemax Tools” commits itself to produce high-quality TCT Router Bits and some other woodworking tools. We assembled an experienced engineering team to create reliable, efficient tools. Valuemax Tools also put in place a strict quality control and inspection process to insure and maintain high product quality. As the results of our effort, we are the first manufacturer in China to produce Anti-kick back designs Router Bits with large capacity. Our Router Bits has passed BG-Test, which carried out by the Holt-BG Institute of Stuttgart, Germany. Our quality control management has won ISO-9001 and passed many audits carried by world famous second and third parties.

In the end of 2006, the management team of Valuemax Tools had made a decision to up-grade our manufacturing process by using JIT tools and techniques in making industrial cutting tools for RV and Manufactured Home Industries in North America. Almost at the same time, we made a large investment to build up manufacturing line for industrial quality of TCT Saw Blades with German manufacturing know-how.

It is our goal to establish long-term partnership with companies who excel in sales and distribution of industrial quality tools. We provide a business model in which our core competence matches the potential partner’s needs in a “Best in Class” scenario for product performance, delivery, costs and customer service. We focus on product development, manufacturing & distribution process in providing for a specific need, in a special channel, with a specific solution. Valuemax Tools, always create Maximized Value!